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Google Earth

“Google Earth” combines utility and fun in one application

The digital atlas, route planner or business directory – the free “Google Earth” combines all these characteristics in one program and offers satellite images and three-dimensional, detailed maps.

Optionally it is possible to display further information about the particular place like street names, petrol stations, hotels or pharmacies. For numerous interesting places are also scouting expeditions or digital time journeys available. With the integrated extensions “Sky” and “Ocean” the computer becomes a planetarium or an underwater world.


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Google Earth

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Installation instructions for Google Earth

  • Search for the downloaded file Google-Earth.exe in your Download directory.
  • “Double-click” the setup file Google-Earth.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • When “Installation completed” is shown on your screen you can start the installed software.
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“Google Earth” is something nice to look at. Especially the quality of the pictures of big American cities is excellent. Photo features like zoom or tilt perfect the program. Within seconds you are able to zoom from the universe into a city. With the Geo-browser, 40 cities on the whole world can be seen 3-dimensional. In Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Potsdam can be explored without any plug-ins. Furthermore are many buildings on the whole globe presented in 3D.

With the help of “Guided Tours” tourists can find easily the proper destination. In three dimensional sightseeing flights even additional dates are blended in. It is also possible to navigate on the ground from a first person perspective. With a GPS device, “Google Earth” is able to save routes you have been taken. The “Sunlight-Layer” informs about the position of the sun on every corner of the world. The digital time travel in “Google Earth” shows the development and changes of a place over the course of time.

“Google Sky” contains information about ca. 200 million galaxies and 100 million stars, “Google Earth” ejects the viewer into outer space. In association with the Mars, “Google Sky” offers maps, high quality photos and a virtual tour. Back on earth “Google Ocean” takes you to the ocean floor. You can see marine life or historic shipwrecks.
The application of “Google Earth” is manifold. The program is entertaining but also informing, the broad atlas or the route planner provides the user with a high utility value.