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Adobe Reader

The data viewer by Adobe is the global standard for PDF documents

The free data viewer “Adobe Reader” belongs to business but also for the private standard equipment of a computer. The program, former called “Acrobat Reader”, enables not only to open and view documents in file formats called PDF (portable document format), but also the printing and partly editing of documents. Furthermore the viewer also offers web applications and has many security mechanisms.
The “Adobe Reader” shows pictures or text documents if they are in a PDF format. For example are operating instructions, manual guides or other forms. Even electronic books (eBooks) are available in a PDF format and are easily and comfortable displayed with the Adobe Reader.


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Adobe Reader

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Installation instructions for Adobe Reader

  • Search for the downloaded file Adobe-Reader.exe in your Download directory.
  • “Double-click” the setup file Adobe-Reader.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • When “Installation completed” is shown on your screen you can start the installed software.
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PDF formats are especially popular, because the original layout is not changed. For example a writing type which is not installed on the computer is still displayed by Adobe. Furthermore the format is popular because the size of the file is much smaller than in the original document.

If the author of a PDF form granted rights, with the “Adobe Reader” you can not only view the form, but also fill it out, save it and comment and tag it. Another feature is the integration and checking of digital signatures. It is also possible to integrate video files into a document. The supported formats are “Flash”, “Quicktime”, “Windows Media” and “RealMedia”.

To protect documents against damaging software, “Adobe Reader” has own security mechanisms. The sandbox function lock up contents in the sandbox so it is not possible to make changes in the system. Another security mechanism is the “protected view” in which no changes in the file can be made. “Adobe Reader” is the secular arm of an anti-virus software.

Over “Adobe Reader” two online services are available. “Adobe Create PDF” enables the conversion in a PDF file. The free version certainly is limited, only 5 documents can be converted. These can not be edited afterwards. These limitations are cancelled by buying an account. With the online application “Adobe SendNow” documents with a size to 100 MB can be uploaded and are accessible for everyone. With a charged account the maximum size is 2 GB.

The “Adobe Reader” is the most well-known PFD-Viewer. With the integration of new security functions Adobe tries to eliminate security gaps. Nonetheless there are other free PDF- Viewer which are, compared to Adobe, quite equal.